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We promote sporting activities for all abilities and both genders. We will provide a safe, child friendly, learning and developmental environment for all children. At the beginning of the sessions, we will list targets and goals, so these can be worked towards on an individual and team basis. We will reward and praise children for doing their best.

We believe in:
• fun and enjoyment
• participation for all
• positive behaviour management
• praise
• sense of achievement
• goal setting
• a sense of pride and belonging
promoting and encouraging a love of sport for life...

Behaviour Management Policy

We aim to make each and every session a positive and fun experience for all. For this to be achieved this means that we need to have a behaviour management policy.

Red and Yellow Card System

Depending on the incident we issue red and yellow cards – just like in football!


These can be interpreted as follows:

Yellow card – sit out for 5 minutes or 1 activity

Red card – sit out for the session (and we would contact the parent/guardian to discuss what has happened). This is very rare but will include any cases of unwarranted physical aggression or bullying.

Multi-Sports, Co-operative Team, Games, Football, Cricket, Tag Rugby, Basketball, Hockey, Athletics, Mini Tennis, Fitness Training, Gymnastics, Junior Yoga, Rounders, Badminton, Netball, and our very own TRIBALL!
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