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When kids are active and running around everyone knows they’re having fun!

In today’s society there are increasing reasons for kids not to go out and play. There are now more distractions available to youngsters such as computer games and TV. It might be argued that even when kids are at school they will find themselves sitting for the majority of the day.

The NHS advises that kids should be raising their heartbeat and doing AT LEAST 60 minutes of physical activity each day. This exercise is needed to burn off calories and prevent excess fat being stored in the body, which can lead to further health problems later on in life.

Maintaining a healthy and active body can also help keep children’s bones healthy and encourage muscles to strengthen and increase in flexibility.

Here at The Sportzcoach we are dedicated to keeping little bodies healthy: healthy bodies active minds smiley faces

Some other benefits which can be gained from physical activity and exercise are:

* Behaviour improvements
* Increased self-esteem and confidence
* Raised performance standards
* Improved motivation and attitude towards learning
* Helps to tackle social exclusion
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